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When it comes to fire control in construction, unprotected horizontal and vertical penetrations in a wall or floor are the leading cause of rapid and erratic spreading of smoke and fire. The proper installation of firestop products is critical to ensuring they work properly in the event of a fire or other emergency. 

We have been providing safe, reliable firestopping in a wide variety of applications for decades.  We will insure that your project meets or exceeds all firestopping requirements, giving you peace of mind.


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A common misunderstanding of firestops is that certain materials have specific fire ratings. On the contrary, firestop materials are only a single component of the overall firestop.



 Are becoming an increasingly popular way of achieving a fire rating on exposed structural steel. Intumescent fireproofing are thin film coatings designed for exposed applications where appearance is of primary importance.



Whether you need sawing services for a hospital or any other commercial or residential property, our skilled professionals, who have more than 100 years of combined experience, can be counted on to get the job done quickly and correctly.



We provide a UL listed flexible wrap system (tested to ASTM E84, E136, E119, and ASTM E814). The blanket roll is offered in convenient and easy to handle size that quickly wraps around standard clothes dryer exhaust duct.



We have fireproofed projects throughout the Southeast (from Virginia all the way to New Mexico), Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.



Coring concrete is the process of drilling or cutting through concrete. We use top-of-the-range diamond drills to cut cylinders of concrete from a structure.

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With FireSafe Solutions, every aspect of firestopping and fireproofing is possible. Our goal is to always protect the building and its occupants from the rapid spread of fire and smoke.

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